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Retinal Detachment Surgery

As nationally recognized experts, the best-in-class retina doctors at VRMNY can quickly pinpoint the cause of retinal detachment and develop a treatment plan that preserves the eye’s health. Our doctors are foremost experts in the treatment of retinal detachment, conduct research and develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. VRMNY provides laser procedures to repair a tear in the retina, stop a detachment, or keep a small detachment from growing larger. If the retinal detachment is severe, our doctors may advise surgery.

The retina can be likened to film in a camera. It is the light sensitive structure that lines the back of the eye. The part directly in the back of the eye is the macular region. Because of the structure of the macula and the cells that are there, the macula supplies sharp vision and also provides most of the color information being sent back to our brains.

The rest of the retina supplies a lower resolution image that gives us the wide field of view we ordinarily have. This side vision is very important in functioning in the modern world. The retina is not connected to the back of the eye in a firm way. Under some circumstances the retina can pull away from the back of the eye. Since the retina gets much of its oxygen and nutrition from the tissue in the back of the eye, this can lead to significant harm to vision.

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