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Author: NatashaFazylova1

How Effective are Lasers in Stretch Mark Removal?

Stretch marks are minor tears/stripes/streaks on the skin that goes down up to the dermis layer. They result when part of the skin loses color and elasticity. The only two options to treat stretch marks are through surgery or use of a strategy that will reactivate the collagen cells. There are various treatments for stretch marks that are aimed at collagen and melanin reactivation. Some of these are microdermabrasion, Thermage, creams, carboxytherapy, and our focus the lasers.

Lasers work through heat and light principles. They convert light energy to heat which in turn works on the surface of the skin and cause collagen cells growth. The age of the stretch marks determines how easy or difficult they are to treat using lasers. Young stretch marks especially those that are less than one year old are easy to treat using lasers. They mostly manifest as reddish or pinkish marks on the skin.

Are lasers effective in treating stretch marks?

For an effective treatment of stretch marks using lasers, a variety of lasers are required. One laser cannot completely remove the stretch marks. In any case, most of the lasers just help in coloration and once the stretch marks have the same color as the skin; it’s assumed that the stretch marks have been treated. 

Though stretch marks are hard to treat using lasers, it’s possible under the hands of a qualified dermatologist. As such, the place where you decide to get your laser treatment for stretch marks is also a significant factor. For the stretch marks to fade away, the broken collagen must be replaced by a new one that will make the skin tighter and improve the elasticity of the skin. 

Another factor that affects how effective the lasers will be in treating stretch marks is what led to the development of the marks. For example, hereditary stretch marks might be more difficult to treat compared to those associated with weight gain. High levels of estrogen also hamper stretch mark removal efforts. 

Some of the commonly used lasers in the treatment of stretch marks are for example:

Pulsed dye lasers: Are a better option for treating newer stretch marks

Vascular lasers: They seal the blood vessels and thus improve skin color which makes the marks less noticeable

Fraxel lasers: They are deep penetrating lasers and are efficient in restoring the color of the skin

Excimer lasers: These lasers are mostly used in the treatment of vitiligo and are effective in activating melanin production. This mostly leads to fading of the stretch marks

Fractional lasers: Good for white stretch marks or the aged ones

Advantages of lasers in treating stretch marks:

There are no resultant scars with this method

The process is user-friendly and has minimal downtime

Lasers also improve the tone and texture of the skin

It is safe since no incision or injections involved

Lasers can be used on almost all skins especially the new technology lasers

It is a relatively affordable treatment option

Wrap up:

If you have developed stretch marks from the many possible causes, don’t be hesitant to visit a dermatologist and get some professional advice. However, before then, it is worth mentioning that lasers are effective in making the stretch marks less noticeable since they promote the growth of new collagen cells. The type of laser to be used for treating stretch marks is dependent on their age. 

The major advantage associated with laser stretch mark treatment is the absence of downtime and the convenience it offers. One of the undesirable features of this method is that several sessions will be required to treat the stretch marks. This can push the cost really up over time. Irrespective of all that, the benefits reaped from laser stretch mark treatment are more compared to the cost incurred.


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