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Author: Bronfman1

What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About Walks

You’re pregnant? Congrats! You probably often hear from everyone the advise to walk more. Walk, walk, walk. More fresh air, activity, and motion. This is good for both you and the baby, they say. Whether you enjoy it or not, walking is a must.

But they don’t look at the subject more precisely. Do you really need to walk that much? How to do it right? When you’re pregnant - everything matters, not only your physical but also emotional conditions. If you feel any sort of physical discomfort or simply hate long walks, do you still need to do this? Let’s look at it more closely.

Why Walking Is a Big Deal When You're Pregnant?

Actually, people are right when they tell you that walking is good for you and the baby. Here is why:

Walking boosts your blood circulation - this helps your organs and tissues have better oxygen supply (and this concerns your baby as well, preventing multiple problems related to the lack of oxygen)

Walking helps regulate your metabolism - very often pregnant women have difficulties with it - physical activity will help you not to gain too much weight which is bad for your health and can make your labor more difficult

Walking reduces the risk of thrombosis - by boosting blood circulation in your lower limbs it doesn’t let the blood stagnate in your veins

When you're physically active, your muscles are toned - this will help you during your labor

Staying outside and breathing fresh air is good for your emotional health - it can help you with mood swings which are exhausting for you and your family

How to Enjoy Your Walks

Pregnancy is a hard time for a woman. She often doesn’t feel good and is often in a bad mood. Her feet may be swollen, she may feel sick and moody. No wonder that even a walk to prenatal care near the house can seem like a struggle.

Physical benefits from walking are obvious, but the emotional side of it matters as well. There can’t be any good effect if you do something with irritation, negativity and force yourself to go through it. So in order to get the most out of your walks, they need to bring you joy. Continue reading to find out how:

Shopping, visits to the doctor and other routine stuff are not walking! No wonder that you feel stressed and tired after such walks. Do it for yourself to entertain you, ask someone to make you company and don't hurry anywhere - you will feel the difference.

You shouldn't force yourself to go out if the weather is bad - you can catch a cold. You can air your room and do some pregnant yoga instead.

Buy yourself a cute fitness tracker that will help set tasks for yourself - it's interesting to follow them!

Wear appropriate clothes - according to the weather, soft, cute and made of natural materials. Going out looking good always raises the mood.

Hydrate - always have some water with you to feel comfortable.

Ask your husband to give you a foot massage after a walk - when the baby will appear you'll have less time to be together; enjoy it while you can and turn your walks into dates.

With the proper approach, even a simple walk can become a wonderful experience!


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