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Feel Our Passion

Prescott Dental Arts provides exceptional Dental Care for the Prescott and Prescott Valley region.

Friendly Atmosphere

Prescott Dental Arts is locally owned, where we strive to offer the home-town feel sought in a private dental practice. Our staff is courteous and always looking to make your dental experience as comfortable and easy as possible. We understand that each of us has specific, and sometimes complicated, dental needs so it is our pleasure to schedule ample time in exams to get to know your needs. We welcome all types of patients and especially cater to the needs of our most fearful patients.

Quality Care

We proudly honor our Prescott AZ dental office mission statement: “Providing the same quality of dentistry we ourselves would like to receive.” It is our priority to offer our patients the absolute best dentistry available and to ensure that final results are excellent each time, every time. How we do it:

Don’t like being ushered quickly through healthcare visits? Neither do we. Prescott Dental Arts schedules additional time in your appointment, so no one feels rushed, no short cuts are taken, and finished work is always double checked for quality.

We want your dentistry to last as long as possible, so we

always use the best materials, the best technology, and the best American lab technicians. High-quality dentistry minimizes future break down and future dental treatment.

At the end of the day, nothing gives Prescott Dental Arts more satisfaction than knowing excellent work was done.

Ethical Treatment

Prescott Dental Arts seeks to do as little dentistry possible to keep patients in good health. What this means is we value patient-centered care and have no interest in upselling or recommending unneeded treatment. When treatment is needed, we always look to save teeth with small fillings that may prolong the need for more invasive crown or root canal procedures.

Prescott Dental Arts practices Evidence-Based Dentistry, where treatment recommendations are based on current scientific literature. This standard supports our mission to provide the same quality of care that we ourselves would like to receive.

Treating People, Not Teeth

Prescott Dental Arts is NOT an office dedicated to patching holes in teeth. Our goal is to eliminate the problem, not the symptoms of the problem.

Studies show the mouth is connected to our overall health with connections to heart attack, pre-term low birth-weight infants, and diabetes. Comprehensive care is our focus, where achieving the goal of a healthy mouth most often requires individual assessment and individual goal setting to stop progression of oral diseases.

Prescott Dental Arts practices CAMBRA, Caries Management By Risk Assesment, which is a methodology that has evolved from traditional dentistry where the focus has been on patching holes in teeth. At Prescott Dental Arts, we give quality time to evaluate your risk for dental decay, educate, and provide the best products available to stop the decay process as we bring your mouth to full health. A simple car analogy, we make it our top priority to “remove any nails in the road”, not just “patch holes in the tire.”

For our friends in Prescott, AZ, we offer quality care in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere. We invite you to contact our office to schedule an initial evaluation.

Call us today at (928) 445-8980


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