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Author: FarzinFarokhzadeh

How to Overcome a Lack of Calcium in the Body

Everyone knows that calcium is one of the most important minerals for the body. And it’s also known that many people have a calcium deficiency. After all, a sufficient amount of this mineral in the body is a guarantee of healthy bones and teeth and a long life. So let’s take a look at how we can increase the calcium in our bodies. 

Get Calcium From Plant Sources

Yes! Do not be surprised. Nature took care of us and made many vegetables and cereals rich in calcium. A lot of vegetables also contain magnesium and vitamin D, without which calcium won’t get properly absorbed. Here is a list of the best plant sources of calcium:

- tofu cheese;

- white, red and other beans;

- spinach;

- rhubarb;

- curly kale;

- Chinese cabbage (bok choy);

- broccoli;

- cilantro;

- sesame seeds;

- seaweed;

- canned fish (as they contain the bones of fish, suitable for eating);

- almond;

- dates;

- dill;

- parsley;

- oat groats;

- dandelion leaves;

- hazelnut;

- lemon juice.

As you can see, the list is impressive. And it can be continued for a very long time. This is a selection of the most common and affordable products.

Do Anything Possible to Improve Calcium Absorption 

If you need to improve calcium absorption you should pay attention to the following substances: magnesium and vitamin D. We obtain vitamin D from the sun and from fatty fish (salmon, herring, mackerel, etc.). You can find magnesium in nuts and seeds, oatmeal and legumes.

Try to Avoid Factors Which Worsen Calcium Absorption 

Don’t eat a lot of salt. Sodium which is contained even in the most healthy sea or Himalayan salt will leach calcium out from the body. This doesn’t mean that now you need to stop salting food. But you should do it wisely. And remember that even the saltiest homemade food contains less salt than the purchased semi-finished products. But why don’t they taste very salty? Because they are also full of sugar. So, if you want to be active for a long time, cook food yourself.


Limit coffee intake. Coffee also helps to leach out calcium from the body. And this drink, to which billions of people are addicted, has a lot of negative properties. It destabilizes hormones and damages teeth and makes them darker! Therefore, try to replace coffee with tea and other tasty drinks, and you will not frequently have the need to visit your family dentist.


Don’t eat too many animal proteins (meat, fish, dairy products). It has been proved that the consumption of animal proteins in large quantities contributes to increased acidity in the body. And this condition will also leach out calcium from your bones. Therefore, before you try to follow the fashionable protein Dukan diet, think twice. Maybe you should choose something else?

Dairy Products May Not Help

Recent studies show that milk is not a completely healthy product, it has long been questionable, and not just the healthfulness of dairy products. We are talking about the real negative consequences for health such as cancer and osteoporosis. Yes, you heard right - osteoporosis (weakness of bone density). In countries with the highest milk consumption, such as Denmark, osteoporosis is the highest per capita. Therefore, a cup of milk three times a day is not a good way to get calcium.


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