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7 Qualities of Yamaha ef2000 is Portable Generators

Yamaha is a good brand to consider if you are thinking of getting a portable generator to keep your mission-critical appliances and power tools running during a power outage or when you are away from the grid. One of its notable products is the Yamaha generator ef2000is, which is notable for its exceptional inverter technology that delivers sufficient power for most residential applications. It can be used for many other applications, including recreational and trade. Knowing the best qualities of the ef2000is should be enough to convince you of its reliability. Here are seven of them:

Easy to use – Yamaha ef2000is has a recoil start, with a fuel gauge that lets you check on fuel levels. It comes with 12-volt DC output and relevant cables for charging, and 12-volt auto and marine batteries. The fuel hole is larger with a vent you can seal around the gas cap for a safer way to transport the generator.


Easy to maintain – The head of the Yamaha generator ef2000is will only need to be cleaned once a year or after every 300 hours of use. Just be sure to have it done by a qualified service specialist.


Clean power - Inverter technology keeps the generator efficient and capable of delivering clean power that can run sensitive devices, like mobile phones and computers.

Fuel efficient – It can run at full load for up to 4.2 hours. If you need it for a lengthier period, set it at quarter load and it should last for up to 10.5 hours. The Yamaha generator ef2000is has an economy feature, which automatically adjusts engine speed to complement the load. You also get a bigger fuel tank, which can hold up to 4.4 litres of fuel.

Quiet – The Yamaha generator ef2000is is equipped with a state-of-the-art Noise Block sound reduction system, which encompasses the intake silencer, moulded case, air fans, mufflers, fibreglass insulation, and sound absorbing materials. Those components work together to reduce operating noise to 51.5 dBA.


Great design – The ef2000is is compact with a built-in handle that lets you carry it easily from one place to another, and stow it without being concerned that it would take up too much space. Yamaha equipped this generator with foam air filters that can be washed and reused, and a spark arrestor, which prevents sparks from coming out from the exhaust.

Backed by a robust support network – As long as you buy a Yamaha generator ef2000is from a reputable retailer, it should come with at least a two-year warranty, and it will be covered by a vast network of technicians specialising in Yamaha generators.



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