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Author: JamesAGohar1

Mistakes Women Do in Their Intimate Hygiene

A woman’s intimate health largely depends on the bacterial balance inside the vagina. It is inhabited with the “good” and “bad” bacteria. The “good” ones keep controlling the population of the “bad” ones so as not to let them drastically multiply and result in disease. These “good” bacteria help maintain the proper pH balance in the vagina and keep it healthy.

The proper balance of vaginal bacteria is important for a woman’s health. It has a lot to do with the immunity, food and a lifestyle of a woman. The balance may also be shattered due to a course of antibiotic medications that can reduce the amount of “good” bacteria. Vaginal dryness related to hormonal imbalance or any other factors also causes a pH imbalanced.

The Mistakes Many Women Do In Their Intimate Hygiene Rituals

However, careless and neglectful attitude from a woman towards their own intimate hygiene can also change the bacterial balance. This results in inflammation, yeast and urinary tract infections. In fact, a woman’s intimate hygiene is much simpler than many women think. Most of the mistakes they make are because they try too hard. However, ignoring it completely is also not the way to go. It needs a healthy balance, just like your vagina.

Below is the list of the most common mistakes in personal hygiene that lead to infectious processes in the vagina. Avoid doing this!

Washing it many times a day

You may need it only in the days of your period. And even in these days, only one washing per day can be performed with a product with a neutral pH. All other washing should be performed with plain water. Otherwise, you can overdry the tender vaginal skin. In other days of the month, once a day is enough.

Using soap

Soap is not an option to wash your intimate organs. It changes the bacterial balance inside the vagina and may launch an inflammation. It’s better to use something with a neutral pH or plain water - it will be much safer and will make you just as clean. 

Improper use of toilet paper

Yes, it’s real! First, don’t wipe yourself fiercely when you are in the ladies’ room - the friction may cause irritation of the gentle labial skin. Second, when you wipe your anus you should be careful not to contaminate your vagina. Your movement should be directed outside your vagina, not into it.

Improper underwear

This especially concerns warm weather, workouts, bicycle riding or any situations when your intimate organs are moist, overheated and shoved up into the panties. Choose only panties made of natural materials, comfortable and without any details that may cause friction and irritation.

Use of perfumed products’ 

Your vagina doesn’t have a bad smell when it’s healthy. If it does - it’s a cause to go to the doctor. Perfumed products for intimate hygiene are not only useless but harmful - they are allergenic and may cause irritation.

As you can see, everything is much simpler than it seems. The more natural your care is regarding your intimate organs, the better it is for them. Embrace your natural purity and don’t interfere with the balance inside - the bacteria know what to do. 


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