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Author: AlexPerelmuter1

5 Common Problems With Having a Summer Wedding

Summer wedding outdoors is the dream of many brides. But the organization of a summer wedding is extremely complicated and has many nuances. It is important to know these nuances in advance so as not to spoil this important day. What should you know about preparing a wedding in the summer?

1. Hot weather

Golden sunsets and warm summer evenings, which are so pleasant to spend at an open-air dinner, this is a significant plus of a summer wedding. But there are several problems that can arise during a hot day: a ceremony under the scorching sun, participation in active entertainment in the heat, and just spending time in nature can be uncomfortable for guests.

How to solve it?

Postpone the beginning of the wedding to start at a later time - after 4:00 pm. We recommend this timing for all summer weddings in nature: first, the lighting for wedding photos is better, secondly, there is more time to sleep and gather without haste.

At the cocktail reception, guests have their choices of cold drinks, such as Aperol or mojito, and lemonades. But it’s best to avoid strong alcohol.

 2. Early wedding management

Summer is the wedding season, so preparation should begin as early as possible. Starting to prepare for your wedding in the spring, you run the risk that with most wedding photographers and contractors the date you need will be booked. 

How to solve it?

Move the wedding to a weekday. Even at the peak of the season, there is an opportunity to find free contractors and photographers when you plan a holiday not on Saturday, but, for example, on Wednesday. The only disadvantage of such a decision is that it’s not convenient for all guests because of work, so warn them as soon as possible so that they can prepare.

3. A puffy wedding dress

The classic puffy dress with heavy layered skirts and summer heat are not very compatible things. Imagine how hard you will breathe, sit, dance and even eat - this is what the bride is experiencing when pulled into a corset. 

How to solve it?

Discard the dense and rigid materials. Chiffon, crepe de tire, silk, weightless tulle - this is the choice of the summer bride.

Don’t wear dresses with a corset. Moreover, light flowing fabrics cope with the task of creating a sophisticated look much better than stiff corsets.

4. Inappropriate shoes

Your wedding shoes should be not only beautiful but also appropriate and comfortable. Classic sandals on a thin hairpin will, of course, look gorgeous in your wedding look, but think about whether you can dance and move in them in nature, won't you stumble along the road to the altar?

How to solve it?

Be sure to prepare for yourself spare shoes on a flat course: ballet flats or sneakers. They will be useful to you both during dances, and at a photo shoot if it is planned in a natural location. Walking along the shore of the lake in heels is extremely inconvenient, and on rocky slopes, it is completely dangerous!

5. Sun

It would seem that the sun on the wedding day is a real gift of nature. But not everything is so simple. Bright sun rays create harsh shadows in the photos. At the ceremony, you and your fiance will squint because of the sun. And after a sunny day spent in nature, your skin will look red and irritated.

How to solve it?

The buffet, lounge area, and Candy Bar should be located in the shade.

Apply sunscreen before makeup, or choose a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30. By the way, you need to protect from the sun not only your face but also all open skin areas: neckline and shoulders if your dress is sleeveless.


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