Noel Batten Natural Health Practitioner

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Noel Batten offers products that teach, relaxation, massage and natural health. He also offers special treatment to overcome Parkinson's disease and MS.

"Specialized natural treatment for Parkinson's disease, with pack of 8 self-help treatment products.
Specialized natural treatment for multiple sclerosis, with pack of 8 self-help treatment products.
Online advanced educational training on the immune system and autoimmune disorders, for naturopathic practitioners, natural therapists and massage therapists."

Natural 5-Day Treatment Plan for Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis

Having beat his own neurological disorder, Noel Batten helps others find hope and healing through 5-day treatment plans and training for qualified practitioners on his methods.

  • Providing a natural, drug-free approach without harmful side effects
  • Eligibility for FREE treatment when your therapist trains as a B.A. practitioner
  • Serving Australia and the United States-Noel Batten will come to you!
  • Noel's completely new massage technique can bring you back to life
  • Learn easy mind techniques to trigger your own innate healing

Practitioners Of The Future, Will Need To Be Trained In These Aspects Of Health

Since the advent of the internet, many people all over the world are learning just how much, emotional stress, particularly dealing with grief and love-based relationships, and career stress, need to be addressed in order to overcome serious health problems, especially those relating to muscular rigidity autoimmune disorders, disorders where neck muscles become very tense and movement slows down due to muscular rigidity.

At present, chiropractic and natural therapy colleges don't really teach very much about the hormonal aspects of "why" muscles on one side of the body become tighter than muscles on the other side of the body, to pull the spine off center to cause symptoms on one side of the body only.

Chiropractors and natural health practitioners are not even taught what needs to be done to overcome uneven tensions that build up on one side of the body only, to provoke vertebra to repeatedly come back out of alignment after being corrected by a chiropractor. - This is "why" practitioners need to work together to eventuate the positive end result, or these so called "incurable" autoimmune disorders will "never" be cured and suffering patients will continue to suffer a long drawn-out demise. - ( Watch my video on the "Become A B.A.10 Autoimmune Practitioner" web page and you will learn more about my reference to this one-sided symptom development in autoimmune patients. - This is a major key in the causal development of "all" autoimmune disorders and practitioners will only be able to overcome these health issues, wrongly classed as incurable, after learning to treat patients according to this primary causal problem .)

I am calling on all motivated chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists and natural therapists to help me take the natural health profession to the next level of efficiency firstly by introducing a referral system, and secondly by introducing my B.A.10 Natural Autoimmune Practitioner Course.

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